About Me

    Have you ever happened across a place that immediately takes your breath away? A space that while you’re there, simultaneously soothes your soul and makes all problems drift away? For me, that is the underwater world. Being underwater is equally calming and intriguing  from the first splash, to the last bubble. It holds places not many have seen and hides creatures rarely glimpsed. From heart-stirring seascapes to nooks and crannies in the reef hosting hidden figures in it’s shadows. From incredible encounters with living dinosaurs to extraordinary meet ups with tiny night time foragers from the deep. The ocean never ceases to amaze me. By sharing my photographs I hope to portray my curiosities and love affair of some of our Planet’s vital ecosystems and it’s inhabitants. 


   With a background in Biology, focusing not only on Marine Ecology but also Ecological Systems, I also have a general love for any environment and the creatures that rely on it for life. Amongst my travels I will always try to capture what I find fascinating and beautiful within my camera’s view finder. How each living organism on this planet interacts with one another and it’s surroundings has been the focus of many of my studies as their behaviors can teach us many important things in our very own lives. 


    I hope you all enjoy these photographic adventures.

(Photo credits from top: Selfie, Selfie, Scott Klein, Melissa Johnson, Scott Klein)