I was born and raised in Iowa and studied Biology at UNC-Charlotte in North Carolina and at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Throughout the years I have conducted and participated in floral/faunal relationship studies, wetland surveys, Bullshark pup research in the Everglades, and various fish and coral citizen scientist surveys. I currently conduct permitted sea turtle nesting surveys in Southeast Florida and have been spending much of my time on Blackwater drift dives observing and photographing larval stages and deep sea species during this incredible migration.

 I started my underwater photography career with the Olympus TG compact camera and housing in 2014. I have since then shot with a Nikon D300 and am currently using a Nikon D500 with Nauticam underwater housing.

   F or me, the underwater world is a space that immediately takes my breath away, soothing the soul as all problems drift away. Being underwater is equally calming and intriguing  from the first splash, to the last bubble. It holds places not many have seen and hides creatures rarely glimpsed. From heart-stirring seascapes to nooks and crannies in the reef hosting hidden figures in its shadows. From incredible encounters with living dinosaurs to extraordinary meet ups with tiny night time foragers from the deep. The ocean never ceases to amaze me. By sharing my photographs I hope to portray my curiosities and love affair of some of our Planet’s vital ecosystems and it’s inhabitants. 


    When I am not scuba diving, I love to travel. This website showcases my love for underwater photography and travel photography. I hope you all enjoy these photographic adventures.

(Photo credits bottom row, from top to bottom: Scott Klein, Melissa Johnson, Scott Klein)


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